• Roger Josefsson

    Roger Josefsson is Head of Research at Nordkinn. Prior to Nordkinn, Mr. Josefsson was Head of Sustainability at Danske Bank, where he previously has also served as Chief Economist. Mr. Josefsson has also been working as Chief Economist at Macrobond Financial, a FinTech company, and as an Economist for the Riksbank and the Swedish Ministry of Finance.

    Mr. Josefsson holds a Master’s Degree from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

  • Marcus Söderberg

    Marcus Söderberg is Investment Strategist at Nordkinn. Mr. Söderberg has been involved in the Fixed Income markets since 1997. Before joining Nordkinn, Mr. Söderberg spent 16 years at Danske Bank, where he held the position as Senior Fixed Income Strategist. Mr. Söderberg’s background also includes Risk Analyst positions at Nordea and the Central Bank of Sweden.

    Mr. Söderberg holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Karlstad.


  • Philip Tham Rydén

    Philip Tham Rydén is Head of Investor Relations at Nordkinn. Mr. Tham Rydén has been involved in the asset management industry since 2007. Prior to joining Nordkinn, he spent three years at Heptagon Capital, focusing on alternative investment solutions for institutional investors. Between 2012 – 2014, Mr. Tham Rydén was the CEO of Vontobel Asset Management Nordic Branch and prior to that he spent five years at Harcourt Investment Consulting AG, to support business development as well as research on Nordic based hedge funds.

    Mr. Tham Rydén holds a B.Sc. degree in Finance from Stockholm University.

  • Anders Haller

    Anders Haller is Investment Manager at Nordkinn and one of the founding partners. Prior to Nordkinn, Mr. Haller spent 15 years at Ericsson Treasury, where he most recently was a Senior Dealer with co-responsibility for the Ericsson Group’s asset management portfolio and the FX-forward portfolio.

    Mr. Haller holds a B.Sc. degree in Macro Economics from Lund University.

  • Katarina Carlbring

    Katarina Carlbring is Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sustainability at Nordkinn. Ms. Carlbring has been involved in the asset management industry since 1992. Prior to joining Nordkinn, Ms. Carlbring was Head of Product Strategy for alternative investments at SEB Wealth Management. Ms. Carlbring has also been Client Executive responsible for institutional mandates, including pension funds, municipalities, foundations and endowments at SEB.

    Katarina holds a B.Sc. degree in Accounting and Finance from Stockholm University.