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Our Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of six members; four independent/external and two partner representatives.

Board Chairman – Peter Hansson (independent)

Peter Hansson is an independent board member of Nordkinn. With an industry experience of more than 25 years within the institutional investor community, Mr. Hansson brings a specific asset owner perspective into Nordkinn.

Mr. Hansson is former CEO of SPK Sparinstitutens Pensionskassa (the Pension Insurance Company for Swedish savings banks), a position he held from 2005 until 2018. Prior, he was CFO of SPK from 1993. In his capacity as CEO of SPK, he was engaged in Tjänstepensionsförbundet (Association for Swedish workplace pension schemes) as board member, chairman and its Swedish representative in PensionsEurope, which governs the interests of all national associations of funded pensions across Europe.

Besides Nordkinn, Mr. Hansson sits on the board of Första AP-fonden (AP1) and chairs the Investment Committee of Barncancerfonden (Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund).

Mr. Hansson studied Economics and Business Administration at Stockholm University.

Board member – Tor Bechmann (independent)

Tor Bechmann is an independent board member of Nordkinn. He is an attorney-at-law and partner at Tenden Advokatfirma ANS in Norway. With 20+ years industry experience, he is a specialist within M&A transactions and commercial law in particular.

Before joining Tenden in 2005, he worked for law firm Wikborg, Rein & Co., the Oslo Stock Exchange and PWC in Oslo and London.

Besides Nordkinn, Mr Bechmann is member of the board at NRP Procurator AS.

Mr. Bechmann holds a Master’s Degree in Law from Oslo University in Norway from 1997.

Board member – Eva Redhe (independent)

Eva Redhe is an independent board member of Nordkinn. Having worked with some 25 companies in board capacity in particular, her career is rooted in business experiences stretching over 30 years.

After joining Investor AB in 1988 she left to found Mercurius Financial Communications in 1994, lead a legal case at the European court of human rights in 2002, initiated the Skandia class action suit in 2003, and spent from 2004 four years as CEO and later Executive Chairman of Erik Penser Bank. From 2008 she has focused on her private investments.

Besides Nordkinn, Ms. Redhe sits on the boards of Axel Christiernsson International AB and Enphys Acquisition Corp. She is a Senior Advisor at Bregal Milestone and is an active owner and advisor in a number of private companies.

Ms. Redhe holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics since 1988.

Adjunct Board member – Emma Ihre (independent), Investor Ombudsman

Emma Ihre is Investor Ombudsman at Nordkinn and an independent adjunct board member representing the interests of Nordkinn’s investors. She has been specialising in sustainability in the financial markets since 1998.

Ms Ihre is since 2014 Head of Sustainability at Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå AB. Prior, she served as Head of Sustainable Business at the Swedish Ministry of Finance and was responsible for integrating sustainability into the governance of state-owned companies, as well as Head of Engagement at Ethix SRI Advisors.

Besides Nordkinn, Ms Ihre is board member of Sjunde AP-fonden (AP7), Global Compact Sweden (chair) and Smarta Samtal.

Ms. Ihre has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm University from 1998.

Board member – Erik Eidolf, Chief Executive Officer

Erik Eidolf is one of the founding partners and CEO of Nordkinn. He has been engaged in the hedge fund industry since 1998.

Prior to Nordkinn Mr. Eidolf founded Harcourt Investment Consulting AG’s Nordic business, with dual objective to cover research on locally based hedge funds as well as business development. During 2011 – 2012 Mr. Eidolf was Chairman for UN PRI’s work steam on hedge funds promoting increased governance, transparency and responsibility with the hedge fund industry.

Mr. Eidolf holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Umeå University in Sweden from 1999.

Board member – Tom E. S. Farmen, Head of Risk Allocations

Tom Farmen is one of the founding partners of Nordkinn and Head of Risk Allocations.

Prior to Nordkinn Dr. Farmen was Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Cash Management at the Central Bank of Norway, managing the most liquid part of the Foreign Exchange reserves. Dr. Farmen commenced his career at NBIM (Norges Bank Investment Management) in 2005 as fixed income portfolio manager.

Dr. Farmen received a PhD in Corporate Finance (credit risk and investment strategies) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2006. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Strathclyde University in Scotland (1999), a MBA (International) from Griffith University in Australia (2000) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Oslo University (2013).