Nordkinn has a vested interest and a responsibility to ensure that the financial system remains sustainable and robust. By integration of sustainability across our business we seek to add value for our investors, our firm and the society around us. The actual and potential effects of sustainability risks and opportunities for Nordkinn’s business, strategy and investments are of central importance to us.

Nordkinn’s sustainable investment efforts are governed by our Sustainability Policy and implemented across three perspectives:

The perspective of our investors
The perspective of how we invest
The perspective of our role in the financial system and the society

In an effort to protect the investors in our fund, Nordkinn has appointed an Investor Ombudsman to our Board of Directors. The Investor Ombudsman’s mission is to represent the interests of the fund’s investors versus both the fund and Nordkinn as the manager of the fund.

With regards to implementation of sustainability in how we invest, we take responsibility for the impact of the investments we make. Nordkinn supports Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement by implementing sustainability into our investment process.

Nordkinn has identified a number of sustainability factors that we believe may have a negative impact and / or counteract a positive development towards a sustainable transition. Furthermore, we believe that these factors constitute sustainability risks that may have impact on fund performance over time.

In accordance to the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation “SFDR”, please refer to the following link to learn more about our efforts such as how environmental and social characteristics are met and our methodologies used.

With regards to our role in the financial system and society as a whole, we are active members of the UN PRI and SBAI. By committing to the UN PRI in 2017, Nordkinn implements sustainability aspects by following its six principles for responsible investment. Nordkinn has also been a member of the SBAI since 2017 and thereby follows, and reports annually, SBAI’s standards for e.g. transparency, compliance, integrity and sound corporate governance.