By integrating sustainability across our business, we at Nordkinn seek to add value for our investors, the financial system and the society around us. Nordkinn’s sustainability efforts are governed by our Sustainability Policy and implemented across three perspectives:

The perspective of our investors
The perspective of how we invest
The perspective of our role in the financial system and the society

To protect the investors in our fund, Nordkinn has appointed an Investor Ombudsman to our Board of Directors. The Investor Ombudsman’s mission is to represent the interests of the fund’s investors versus both the fund and Nordkinn as the manager of the fund.

To take responsibility for our investments, we have identified sustainability factors, that according to us have a negative impact or counteract a sustainable transition. Through Nordkinns’ exclusion filter, we screen our investable universe to identify issuers with undesirable ESG risk. The filter includes both norm-based screening (e.g. human rights and anti-corruption) and sector-based screening (e.g. specific controversial products or services). From this process we currently have approximately 30 issuers on Nordkinn’s exclusion list.

As an important part of our sustainability efforts, we also engage in bilateral dialogues with municipalities and companies that we are invested in. We engage when deemed relevant and when we see the possibility to influence in a positive direction. Nordkinn’s Sustainability Steering Committee coordinates and prioritises which engagement activities Nordkinn shall pursue, which often is related to a specific sustainability theme. Our engagement activities are published in our annual engagement report.

Being committed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement, Nordkinn’s climate-related financial reporting efforts are published in our TCFD report. With regards to Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation “SFDR”, Nordkinn is classified as an article 8 fund as further detailed in our latest SFDR report.

To take responsibility for our role in the financial system and society as a whole, we are active members of the UN PRI and SBAI since 2017.

For further information on any of the above we encourage you to contact us directly.