We are committed to provide our investors with the highest level of quality and service in all we do. If we would fail in any way in our delivery to you, we encourage you to contact us.

We will handle your complaint with greatest seriousness and strive to keep the response time as short as possible. If the issue requires more than 14 days to investigate, we will notify you in writing.

Please contact us directly via our dedicated Investor Ombudsman, who caters for the governance on behalf of our investors and holds the formal responsibility for complaints (Sw. Klagomålsansvarig), or to receive our internal Instructions for Complaints free of charge, by e-mail: or by mail: Nordkinn Asset Management AB, att: Complaints, Hamngatan 11, (3 tr), 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden.

For free advice regarding complaints, you can also contact the local Consumer Advisors (Sw. Kommunala Konsumentvägledningen) at or the Swedish Consumers’ Banking and Finance Bureau (Sw. Konsumenternas Bank- och finansbyrå) at