Our Strategy

Our Strategy

The hallmark of our investment strategy is to preserve wealth and create absolute returns regardless of market environment.

So how do we do it? First, we start off by avoiding losing capital, or at least not losing more than we are willing to risk. This not only requires experience, but also a great deal of discipline and structure. Inspired by theories within Behavioral Finance, we have developed investment routines under a concept we call “Game Plan Tagging”. It helps us to monitor all type of risks, intentional and unintentional, but equally important, it sets strict predefined rules to every investment we make.

The Game Plan Tagging concept is the backbone to how we structure our portfolio and is by extension our most important tool to ensure consistency over time.

Next is to generate returns. We seek to achieve this by combining a top-down macro perspective of the world, with diligent bottom-up selection of securities. We constantly monitor and assess economic developments and policy changes that are likely to impact financial markets. In addition, we benefit from our local presence and fixed income expertise when identifying flows as well as market mispricing of individual assets. We are completely flexible when investing and make use of the complete toolbox of financial instruments.

We closely follow the largest economies of the world, but we believe ourselves to have a specific edge in Norway and Sweden, two markets we have acted within for decades. The fixed income market is our primary focus but we can also position ourselves across other markets, the FX market in particular.