Best Execution

AIF managers are, in accordance to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) and the European Commission Delegated Regulation 231/2013, legally obliged to seek the best possible result in the execution of all trades, portfolio transactions or order placing with an external counterparty, to get portfolio transactions executed.

This refers to the AIFM being required to take all reasonable measurements to obtain the best possible result for the funds it manages, taking into account a number of factors when performing a portfolio transaction. Nordkinn Asset Management (the “Company”) takes into account the following factors:

  • price;
  • associated costs;
  • the speed;
  • likelihood of both execution and settlement;
  • size of the transaction and the nature and its impact on the market;
  • others for the performance essential conditions.

The Company applies and considers the factors above at the time of execution based on the objective, investment policy and risk profile of the fund, the financial instrument involved and the prevailing market circumstances.

The Company has established internal rules regarding how best execution will be achieved, including continuous monitoring of all counterparties. Investors may at request obtain the Company’s internal rules regarding best execution in detail.

Key External Partners

Fund Administrator
Wahlstedt & Sageryd Financial Services AB
Holländargatan 17, SE-111 60 Stockholm

External Fund Valuation
Wahlstedt & Partners
Holländargatan 17, SE-111 60 Stockholm

Prime Broker
Kungsträgårdsgatan 8, SE-106 40 Stockholm

Clearing Brokers

Danske Bank Sweden
Norrmalmstorg 1, SE-103-92 Stockholm

UBS Limited
1 Finsbury Anvenue, London EC2M 2PP, UK

External Compliance
FCG Risk & Compliance AB
Östermalmstorg 1, 5tr, 114 42 Stockholm

External Risk Management
FCG Fonder AB
Östermalmstorg 1, 5tr, 114 42 Stockholm

Internal Auditor
PwC Stockholm
Torsgatan 21, SE-113 21 Stockholm

External Auditor
Ernst & Young Stockholm
Jakobsbergsgatan 24, SE-103 99 Stockholm

IT & Infrastructure
Brynsalléen 2, N-0667 Oslo