Nordkinn Asset Management is authorised as AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) Managers by the Swedish Financial Services Authority under the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (AIFMD).

The company apllies an onshore investment vehicle under supervision by the Swedish Financial Services Authority, Nordkinn and its funds strictly adhere to the rules and regulation set forth for all Swedish registered “special funds”. In the quest to protect investor interests, Swedish fund law imposes a range of specific requirements that seeks to ensure independence between key functions whilst providing the transparency for the FSA to control adherence of such. Subsequently, Nordkinn has in addition to our internal functions and procedures decided to put emphasis on the following set-up:

External back office to separate NAV calculations from the fund Company
External valuation function separate from the fund company
External risk management function for continuous independent control of all risk limits (in addition to internal function)
External compliance function for independent control of all operational and business routines (in addition to internal function)
External custody and prime brokerage
External audit function, both with respect to external as well as internal audit

Further, Nordkinn has designed our systems to ensure transparency both within the company as well as towards the external counterparties listed above. System features includes a straight-through-processing portfolio management system and a proprietary game plan/tagging system.