Launch of Nordkinn Fixed Income Macro Fund

Dear follower of Nordkinn,

It is with great pleasure we provide you with this update from Nordkinn: Following lengthy and careful preparation, the Nordkinn Fixed Income Macro Fund was launched on July 1st 2013. As specialists in fixed income, our investment team has the Nordic capital markets as the main reference base. Nordkinn seeks to generate stable risk-adjusted absolute returns in all market environments.

Built on a Master-Feeder structure with feeder funds denominated in SEK, NOK and EUR, all Nordkinn Fixed Income feeder funds posted positive performance in July. The largest stand alone contributions during the month were tactical long exposure in the front end of the Swedish interest rate curve, cross country spread exposure in Norway vs. Euro area and short SEK vs. NOK exposure.

Nordkinn aspires to be appreciated by its investors as a leading investment manager regarding transparency, operational excellence and performance. Our investor monthly report covers the major issues affecting the financial markets in which we are operating and provides an overview of our performance and outlook. Should you be interested in receiving our reports moving forward, please send your request to*

We appreciate having you as our follower, and look forward staying in contact.

Best wishes for a good start of the second half of 2013,

//The Nordkinn team

*DISCLAIMER: Pending regulatory approval in certain countries, our funds may currently only be marketed to Swedish investors. This post on Linked-in and including any information provided by Nordkinn Asset Management AB to any person or entity is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of any offer to buy.