Investment philosophy

The hallmark of our investment philosophy is to create and preserve wealth by means of combining a top-down macro perspective with bottom-up securities selection. The investment approach relies on our investment teams’ unique fixed income expertise and research capacity. The investment approach is structured around strict internal risk systems to optimise risk utilisation and maximising returns whilst controlling downside risks:

Fixed income expertise – Acting through its offices in Oslo and Stockholm, the investment team benefits from its specialised fixed income expertise and local presence when identifying flows as well as market mispricing. Whilst the fixed income markets is the primary focus, the investment team is also able to diversify risks through positions across the currency, equity and commodity markets.

Research capacity – Nordkinn Asset Management commits to rigorous research to identify under- and overvaluation of assets relative to the investment teams’ macro views and experience. The investment team uses a toolbox of advanced in-house valuation techniques and undertakes forward-looking assessments of economic developments and policy that are likely to lead to changes in the pricing of financial market instruments.

Internal risk management systems – Nordkinn Asset Management has established innovating investment routines, including a “game plan and tagging concept” inspired from theories within Behavioural Finance, to keep the investment managers focused and disciplined. To further optimise risk/return and to actively control downside risks, Nordkinn has appointed one partner with sole focus on Risk Allocations dedicated to the company’s comprehensive risk management, who possesses pre-trade veto rights in all investment decisions.