The Strategy

The Strategy

Absolute return fund

Nordkinn is a global macro fixed income fund with a Nordic edge. Our aim is to consistently generate stable absolute return over time and in all market environments by utilising a broad range of financial instruments to exploit desirable risks, neutralise undesirable risks and combining directional and non-directional positions.

Nordkinn has been created by keeping the investor’s viewpoint in mind, and provides therefore several innovative features. Our concept of white-box transparency is rooted in our interest to having well-informed investors. With investors understanding how Nordkinn operates and how that relates to the investment objective of the fund, increases the fit between the expectations of the investors and the investment performance of the fund. This is achieved through openness and transparency vis-à-vis the investors, and it is in Nordkinn’s interest to continue with this open approach. Therefore, we aim to be as transparent as possible in our monthly reporting and in other reports created by the company. Investors are encouraged to engage with Nordkinn to ensure that the investors receives the relevant transparency and information that they require. In addition the funds offer high level of underlying liquidity, transparent cost structure, modern onshore legal structure, and institutional set-up with robust risk management tools.